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Instructions and Tips for Whitening

  • Brush and floss teeth prior to placement of bleach. The bleach will only bleach what it is touching and will not penetrate the plaque left on your teeth. This is why it is so important to brush before!
  • When using a new bleaching syringe, remove the cap and place on the mixing tip. If using a syringe that is in use, extrude the material that is in the mixing tip before loading your tray.
  • Load trays as we have shown you. (Place a bulb on the front side of each tooth.
  • Insert trays over teeth.
  • Press on the front of the tray with finger, distributing the bleach evenly and smashing any air bubbles out.
  • If there is a lot of excess, wipe the extra away with a q-tip and use less material next time.
  • If there appears to be a lot of voids under the tray, take out the tray and add more.
  • While trays are in place DO NOT: eat, drink, chew gum or suck on trays.
  • Remove trays after 30 minutes.
  • Wash trays with water and lock them up in the retainer case keeping trays away from pets.
  • Once trays are removed you can brush, eat, and drink as normal.

What to Expect While Whitening

  • Gum and tissue tenderness as well as tooth sensitivity can be present while bleaching. If things are still very sore the next day, you may wish to skip a day in between each bleaching application.
  • Sensitivity gained while bleaching goes away when bleaching completed.
  • You may notice a color change immediately after the first treatment. Others respond more gradually.
  • Some teeth in your mouth may not respond to the bleach at equal rates.
  • You can expect to do anywhere from 10 to 20 bleachings, depending on your progress.